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In 1958, the Computer Science specialty was set up, accompanying with foundation of University of Science and Technology (USTC). Many famous computer scientists, such as Xia Peisu, taught and worked here at that time. Cooperating with Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), the specialty designed and developed Chinese first general purpose computer, which was entitled as 107 computer and equipped at USTC in 1960. Later, in 1975, the specialty produced a minimal machine --- KD-3. In 1983, we made a functional distributed array processor system--GF10 series in cooperation with CAS. In the same year, we developed two microcomputers, i.e. KD4 and KD5, then transferred the techniques to the Hubei No. 2 Radio Factory to put them into production.

In 1982, the Department of Computer Science and Technology was formally established and soon actively participated, cooperating with the Institute of Computing Technology of CAS, in work of educating the first domestic doctors. In 1990, the department obtained authorization, from the National Ministry of Education, to establish the Ph.D. degree program on computer software. In 1995, we established the first National High Performance Computing Center in China. In 2000, the department has gotten the authorization of doctoral degree grant on the first-class discipline of Computer science and technology. Meanwhile, the department set up the post-doctoral station.

In 2009, the School of Computer Science and Technology was formally established. So far, the school has established the stable long-term cooperating relationship with many institutes of CAS, such as Institute of Computing Technology, Institute of Software, Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology, etc.

Our first-class discipline of computer science and technology has gotten authorization of granting both master's and doctor's degrees, and authorization of setting up the mobile post-doctoral station. This discipline also has authorization to add new second-class disciplines. Presently, our four second-class disciplines--computer software and theory, computer architecture, computer application technology and information security--all have authorization to grant master's and doctor's degrees. The computer software and theory is entitled “the national key discipline”. Both the computer application technology and the computer architecture are key disciplines of Anhui province.

There are some laboratories supporting the computer science and technology discipline: National High Performance Computing Center (Hefei), Anhui Province Key Laboratory of High Performance Computing, Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Software Engineering in Computing and Communication, the MOE-Microsoft Key Laboratory of Multimedia Computing and Communicating, USTC Super Computing Center and Information Science Experiment Center.

The School of Computer Science and Technology currently has more than 90 faculty members, including 23 professors and 27 associate professors. They have formed an academic team leading by the Academician Chen Guoliang. The school has many excellent scholars, such as those who obtain support from the National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, Chang Jiang Scholar Distinguished Guest Professors, eminent scientists for CAS's "Hundred Talents Program", scholars entitled as "New Century Talents" et al. Furthermore, the academic team of high performance computing is supported by Program for Innovative Research Team in University, and this program is granted by the National Ministry of Education.

Currently, the school has more than 600 undergraduate students, almost 400 Master's degree candidates and 150 doctoral candidates totally.