Intelligent Computing and Its Applications


  • Intelligent Computing and Its Applications 



Research on Intelligent Computing and its applications includes developing theory and core technologies of intelligent problems, and applying them to large-scale projects in dynamic environments or with limited resources. Research topics include:


 (1)   Fundamental research. This includes developing novel theory on Mental Modeling (including natural language understanding and emotional mechanisms in communication), Reasoning (including decision making and game theory) and Learning (including perceptional learning and evolutionary learning).


(2)   Core technologies. The core technologies include evolutionary computing in numeric and combinatorial optimization, complex behavior planning and image recognition of robots, data mining and semantic computing, social network analysis, human-computer interaction with emotions and semantics, learning of service robots and hardware evolution, etc.


(3)   Applications with focuses on high-end service and advanced manufacturing implementations. The key research is intelligent service robots which are encouraged to be applied to various practical problems, including traditional and new entertainment industries, data mining, personalized recommendation service, information service based on emotion, traffic control, net-info security based on intelligent computing and information biology, etc.