Grid Computing and Trusted Computing


  • Grid Computing and Trusted Computing 


The researches on grid computing, trusted computing and netinfo security mainly include: High-Confidence Software System based on Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Internet New Technologies, Theory and Engineering of Network Protocol and Information Security.


(1) Wireless and mobile computing. This area includes theories, core technologies, algorithms and applications in wireless ad hoc networks, wireless mesh network and wireless sensor networks.


(2) New technologies in Networks . This area includes Network quality of service, P2P technology and efficient network routing algorithms.


(3) Theory and engineering of network protocol. This area includes: Theory and method of protocols formal description technology, protocol verification, testing and implementation of protocols, routing and assignment algorithms of wavelength-division multiplexing in All Optical Network (AON).


(4) Information Security. This area includes wireless network security protocol, network information confrontation, evaluation and test of information system security, information hiding analysis, secure multi-party computation, quantum information security technology and trusted mobile computing.


(5) High-Confidence Software System. This area includes high-confidence software design and formal verification. The main target of this area is to solve the software confidence problems in key applications. Formal verification of programs and certifying compiler are also important topics.



  • Sample Publications


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