Advanced Computer System


  • Advanced Computer System

The research in the field of Advanced Computer System includes: Pervasive Parallel Processing Technologies and Systems, Embedded Systems and Cloud Computing Systems.


(1) Pervasive Parallel Processing Technologies and Systems. This research focuses on novel multiprocessor chips architecture and hyper-parallel computer system architecture based on multiprocessor chips. Topics include: novel microprocessor chips architecture, hyper-parallel processing technologies and systems, real-time parallel processing system, parallel simulation validation technologies of multiprocessor system, the research of accelerator design and implementation techniques by TeraFlops chips, and parallel simulation of chip multiprocessor based on multi-core platforms.


(2) Embedded Systems. This research focuses on the architecture and software of embedded system. Some basic researches and technologies are developed according to the theories, methods and techniques of embedded system development platform. Topics include:  Hardware-software co-design and optimization of embedded systems, embedded operating systems, embedded data management technology, and the applications of embedded systems on image engineering, wireless communications and networks.


(3) Cloud Computing Systems. This research focuses on the theories, software and applications of grid computing and cloud computing architecture. Relying on the USTC-Lenovo-Intel Joint Laboratory of Cloud Computing, research is conducted on cloud computing applications and services, the software and middleware platform of cloud computing systems, the computer architecture technologies for cloud computing platform, and some representative and important application techniques for cloud computing. The objective is to complete the construction of cloud computing testbed based on Lenovo DeepComp 6800 and then to deployment and release several representative applications such as large-scale information retrieval, large-scale network storage and multimedia applications.



  • Sample Publications


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