USTC and Huawei sign agreement on Intelligent Base program


University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and Huawei on Monday signed here an agreement of cooperative talent cultivation program, which is called Intelligent Base. The assistant principal and provost of USTC Congzhao Zhou, the vice president of Huawei Yelai Zheng, the director of Huawei Shanghai Research Institute Qingyang Dong and other representatives from two sides attended the signing ceremony.

Zhou extended a warm welcome to visitors from Huawei and expressed his gratitude to Huawei for its help in education and scientific research of USTC. He said that talent cultivation is a long-term process, which needs continuous optimization, as well as resource support from all aspects.

Over the years, USTC has provided Huawei with a large number of talents, which has played an important role in the development of Huawei, Zheng said. He is looking forward to further in-depth cooperation with USTC in curriculum construction, resource sharing, and social service, so as to jointly cultivate high-quality talents for the industry.


The Intelligent Base program gives a full play to the advantages of USTC and Huawei. This cooperation will not only optimize the cultivation of students in practical ability, but also provide talent support for the high-quality development of China's computing industry.