USTC Students Won First Prize in National Data-Mining Contest



The 1st National Data-Mining Competition was finished on May 8th. Bao Tengfei & Liu Qi, the Phd Students from Laboratory of Semantic Computing and Data Mining, School of Computer Science and Technology, USTC, won the first prize of the Graduate Student Group, while Zhejiang University won the first prize of the Undergraduate. In addition, two other teams from the same laboratory won the third prizes of both graduate and undergraduate group. In total, USTC ranked 1st among all the participants, with one gold medal, two bronze and two finalists.


The 1st National Data-Mining Competition for College Students was hosted by Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology of China, and the “Capital of Statistics” website, with financial and technical support from the famous matchmaking sites “”. The goal of the contest was to predict user interests of spouse choosing and implement personalized recommendation, with challenges of “cold-start” problem and data sparsity. More than 1000 teams, coming from around 100 universities and research institutes, took part in this competition, and more than 300 teams submitted result successfully in the end. This competition provided a communication platform for students specialized in data mining all around the nation, while reflecting the hot prospect of data mining technology in China.