Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Technology (SCST) at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)!

USTC established one of the first computer science majors in China in 1958, and the SCST was then found in 2009. With strong scientific research and teaching accomplishments, it has grown to over 70 faculty members, 20 research and teaching support staff. The diverse student body consists of approximately 1000 graduate (MS and PhD) students, 670 undergraduate students, and 60 international students.

The mission of our School is to build a world-class computer science research institution, cultivate computer scientists and engineers, and help transform Hefei into one of the top global innovation and technology centers. Our vision extends beyond the region of Hefei, as the SCST is connected globally and has developed strong partnerships with institutions both inside China and the rest of the world. Through collaboration with global partners, we hope to provide accessible education in engineering for future leaders and scientists as well as advance knowledge in a way that facilitates life-long learning and economic development. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, it is our responsibility to develop creative and effective technological solutions with our strength in the area of computer science and technology.

Faculty from our School conduct cutting-edge research in the following key areas: data science, artificial intelligence, algorithms and theory, cybersecurity, cyber- physical systems and IoT, high-performance computing, robotics, and quantum computing. Our facilities include fourteen state and provincial teaching centers and research laboratories that focus on big data, networking science, and high- performance computing.

Recent international recognition testifies our dedicated efforts to teaching and research. USTC Ranked No. 34 for the Best Global Universities for Computer Science in the 2020 US News Rankings. The average global rank of our program has improved from about 75 in 2016 to about 54 in 2020, and the annual research fund almost quadrupled over the last four years. We hope to continue our growth as a program and institution in order to provide both technological and scientific leadership to the world.

When I began my tenure at the SCST in 2016, I was, and still am, greatly inspired both by its heritage and potential. It is my hope that the School, our faculty and our students will continue to have a profound impact on China’s society and the international community.

I look forward to meeting both students and faculty members as well as hearing your thoughts and ideas. If you are an alumni, a prospective donor, a member of the business community, or someone seeking to make a difference, we encourage you to contact us or go to the University’s Education Foundation (http://ef.ustc.edu.cn/)  to explore further opportunities.

If you wish to explore unlimited possibilities and transform a vision into reality, the USTC SCST is where you want to be. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all as we build the foundations of a new future together.


Xiang-Yang Li, PhD

ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow

Professor and Executive Dean