2015 China National Computer Congress  

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2015 China National Computer Congress
( 2016-01-12 )


About CNCC 2015

CNCC (the China National Computer Congress) is the largest and highest academic and technical conference in the area of computer science and technology in China. It was founded in 2003 and is annually held by CCF in different cities while attendees’ size is now more than 3,000 people.

This year, CNCC2015 will be held in Hefei, Anhui province on 22th-24th, October. The theme of CNCC2015 is ‘New internet, new economy’; the topic is about internet that brings the changes to everyone. ACM and IEEE CS are both the cooperators of CNCC2015.

Michael Stonebraker, the winner of the Turning award in 2015, will deliver a keynote speech on CNCC2015. In the past few years, keynote speakers include winners of Turing award and famous scientists all over the world such as Joseph Sifakis (CNRS researcher and the founder of Verimag laboratory), Raj Reddy (pioneer in Computer Science and Artificial), Dejan Milojicic(IEEE Computer Society President 2014), Peter Freeman(the founding dean of Georgia Tech's College of Computing), Dame Wendy Hall(Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire), Vinton Cerf(Father of the Internet),Ivan Sutherland(Father of the Computer Graphics)etc.

This year’s Technical Forums includes Artificial intelligence, China self-made software & hardware, Data Science and Engineering, Big Data, Storage technology, Robot Application, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in College students, Internet Financial. Also a Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition will be composed of high-tech, theme zone and publishers.

Website:  http://cncc.ccf.org.cn/cncc_en