How to write a journal paper, and what not to do  

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How to write a journal paper, and what not to do
( 2016-01-12 )




Speaker: Prof. Anthony Cohn

Time: 2015-03-30 9:30

Place: Room 632, EE-3 Building, West Campus



In this seminar I will talk about what makes a good journal paper, how to get accepted -- and how to get rejected! The talk will be based on my experience as the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the Artificial Intelligence journal from 2007 to 2014, and as the EiC of AAAI Press.


Short Bio: 

Tony Cohn holds a Personal Chair at the University of Leeds, where he is Professor of Automated Reasoning and served a term as Head of the School of Computing August 1999 – July 2004. He heads the AI research theme.

He holds BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Essex where he studied under Pat Hayes. He spent 10 years at the University of Warwick before moving to Leeds in 1990 where he founded a research group working on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning with a particular focus on qualitative spatial/spatio-temporal reasoning, the best known being the well cited Region Connection Calculus (RCC). His current research interests range from theoretical work on spatial calculi and spatial ontologies,to cognitive vision, detection of archaeological residues using remote sensing techniques, modelling spatial information in the hippocampus, and integrating utility records and sensor data concerning the location of underground assets. He has received substantial funding from a variety of sources including EPSRC, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), DARPA, the European Union and various industrial sources. Work from the Cogvis project won the British Computer Society Machine Intelligence prize in 2004. The VAULT system based on the MTU and VISTA projects provides the world’s first real time delivery of integrated utility records nationwide and won the Built Environment category of the IET Innovation Awards in 2012 (also Highly commended in the IT category) and the 2012 NJUG Awards in the "Avoiding Damage” category.

He is Editor-in-Chief Spatial Cognition and Computation and has been Chairman/President of the UK AI Society SSAISB, the European Coordinating Committee on AI (ECCAI), KR inc, the IJCAI Board of Trustees and was the Editor-in-Chief for Artificial Intelligence 2007-2014 and of the AAAI Press 2004-14. He is the recipient of the 2015 IJCAI Donald E Walker Distinguished Service Award which honours senior scientists in AI for contributions and service to the field during their careers, as well as the 2012 AAAI Distinguished Service Award for “extraordinary and sustained service to the artificial intelligence community”.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and is also a Fellow of AAAI, AISB, ECCAI (Founding Fellow), the BCS, and the IET. He was Programme Chair of the European AI Conference ECAI’94, KR’98 and COSIT-05, Workshop Chair of IJCAI 1995, Conference Chair of KR 2000, IJCAI 2003. Recent invited/keynote talks include Social Robotics 2014, KR-14, a AAAI Spring Symposium 2014, UKCI-14, STAMI-13, ICAPS 2012, ICAART 2012, AIAI 2011, AI*IA-10, AILog-2010, MIWAI-10, KSEM 2010, FLAIRS-10 (spatio-temporal track), CVWW-2010, Commonsense-2009. He has co-organised five Dagstuhls (05491, 07311, 10131, 10412, 14081), been on many programme committees for workshops and conferences, on the editorial board of DAKE, AI Communications (AICOM), the Applied Ontology Journal, and was Review Co-Editor of the journal Artificial Intelligence and on the Policy Committee of Electronic Transactions on AI (ETAI); he is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Logic. He is a member of the UK EPSRC Peer Review College and of the UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC), and has been a Director of KR Inc. since 2000. He was an area co-editor for the UK Government FORESIGHT Cognitive Systems project, and advised the FORESIGHT Intelligent Systems Infrastructure project. He has advised a number of overseas funding agencies, having been a member of two CNRS and three SFI programme review panels, a member of a DFG SFB review panel and an FCTpanel, and chair of a programme review panel at NICTA. He has also been an expert reviewer at several EU project reviews. He was a member of the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 Sub Panel 11 (Computer Science and Informatics) of Panel B.